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Downloadable PHP-based Site Search Script. View the ReadMe and sample Search Form.


The writedocSearch.php script provides a basic PHP-based Site Search Script that searches all site files; by default, up to 20 files that contain a specified search term and up to 5 instances of the term found in each file will be displayed. The script performs a real-time search, so site indexing is not required. Typically, no configuration is required; all you need to do is copy the supplied writedocSearch folder to your site and then call the searchsite.php search form from any web page.

The script is offered as is and no support is offered. For help with using PHP, see,,, or

Files provided...
writedocSearch.php: is the PHP script, stored in the script folder
searchsite.php: sample search form
images folder: contains the image used on the sample search form

PHP must be installed on your web host's server.

Basic instructions...
After decompressing the downloaded file, move the writedocSearch folder to your web server. To use, call the sample searchsite.php Search Form from any web page.

Configuration instructions (typically, not needed)...

  1. Copy the decompressed writedocSearch folder to your server
  2. Use as is with the searchsite.php Search Form called from any web page
  3. Change the configuration variables within the writedocSearch.php file
  4. Save the writedocSearch.php file in the script folder within the writedocSearch folder
  5. Create your Search Form, include writedocSearch.php, and save with extension PHP
  6. Call your Search Form from any web page