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  • Analysis of knowledge transfer, document, and training requirements for hi-tech products
  • Preparing and presenting knowledge transfer business cases
  • Preparing knowledge transfer, documentation, and training plans
  • Conducting knowledge transfer document and training needs and gap analysis
  • Creating knowledge transfer documents and training courses
  • Preparing job profiles that included skills needed and career progression guidelines
  • Analysis of organizational structures and recommending structures that promote continuous learning
  • Promotion of knowledge transfer strategies that involved developing documents using a new formative usability approach
  • Promotion of new visual and audio learning strategies to improve knowledge transfer
  • Management of a multidisciplinary staff of 15 (technical writers, editors, illustrators, and trainers) involved in preparing knowledge transfer plans, documents, on-product help, and training materials
  • Created and managed a strategy for professional development across six knowledge management groups representing 70 people. Developed generic staff objectives, performance evaluation criteria, career development models, and career progression guidelines
  • Pioneered the development and implementation of new online knowledge transfer processes and delivery tools to facilitate the delivery of more complete, accurate, and timely product information

Summary of tools & environments used: Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Access, Visio, NetMeeting; Adobe FrameMaker, Acrobat (PDF), Photoshop, and Illustrator; SnagIt; Arbortext Epic Editor and Dynamic Link Manager (DLM/DCAM); Macromedia DreamWeaver; XML, DITA, and HTML. Microsoft Windows XP, Vista; Macintosh; Unix; EMC Documentum; OpenText LiveLink; Centra eMeeting.