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On recent documentation projects, Malcolm has:

  • Designed and implemented processes, procedures, and training to support over 300 authors, project managers, and IT support personnel, for a DITA-based XML authoring system that uses Arbortext Editor, Dynamic Link Manager, and Documentum used by for delivering PDF or HTML customer documents and on-product help
  • Designed and implemented web sites for accessing Acrobat-based online documents using HTML and DreamWeaver
  • Prepared documents using FrameMaker, Acrobat, and HTML for the Nortel Networks broadband Video Codec Enclosure (VCE), DS-3 to OC-3 interface, Digital Video Network (DVN), and MPEG2 products
  • Prepared documents for the Nortel Networks Service Access Multiplexer (NSAM), 1-Meg Modem, and Succession Packet Trunking over ATM and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) products
  • Defined behavioral objectives and information categories for Nortel Networks ATM multimedia products
  • Produced the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) Property Management Manual
  • Assisted Digital to prepare DoD-STD-2167A compliant Team Andersen CFSSU proposal
  • Defined and implemented a new online document structure and development process to facilitate the delivery of more complete, accurate, and timely product information
  • Reduced the Bell-Northern Research (BNR) CAD document printing budget by 85%; increased writer productivity by 21%; and reduced document development costs by 17%
  • Initiated the development of formative usability testing
  • Hired, mentored, evaluated, and supervised the work of up to 15 technical communicators
  • Developed generic staff objectives, performance evaluation criteria, career development models, and career progression guidelines for use by 70 staff
  • Prepared and presented the Words into Pictures paper at the STC93 conference in Dallas, Texas
  • Prepared and presented the Webbed Documents paper at the ACM SIGDOC95 conference in Savannah, Georgia
  • Prepared and presented the Performance-based Documentation and The Mythical Dream Interface papers at the IEEE IPCC97 and ACM SIGDOC97 conferences in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Prepared and presented the Words about Consciousness paper at the ISTC2000 conference in Manchester, UK
  • Prepared and presented the Implementing FrameMaker Conditional Text Using Epic Editor Profiling at the PTCuser 2006 conference in Dallas, Texas
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