October 1998 Web Brief
Learning to be Successful

Quote of the month: "The only limits are, as always, those of vision" James Broughton

Five Traits of Good Leaders
Source: Communication Briefings ideas that work

Increase your effectiveness as a team leader with these suggestions from Barry J. Farber, president of Farber Training Systems Inc.:

  • Donít push too much. Encourage your team members to do more, but know when itís too much. The signs: flaring tempers, moodiness, sarcasm.
  • Exhibit good values. As a leader, your example will be followed, whether or not youíre trustworthy and committed.
  • Roll up your sleeves. Never be afraid to do what it takes to get the job done. Team members will respect you more when you show willingness to work alongside them.
  • Serve others. "How can I help you?" is a good phrase for co-workers as well as for customers. And by helping your team succeed, youíll succeed as well.

Source: Leadership for the Front Lines, 24 Rope Ferry Road, Waterford, CT 06386