May 1998 Web Brief
Learning to be Successful

Quote of the month: "Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul; the blue prints of your ultimate achievements." Napoleon Hill

Communicating Your Vision
Source: Communication Briefings ideas that work

A big part of motivating employees involves sharing your vision. To do it powerfully, your vision message must have:

Employees won’t believe the message if they don’t believe in the messenger.
Show employees how the vision is relevant to their work. Example: Precision Lens Crafter’s vision says, "We’re helping the world to see." That helps employees feel a real connection between their jobs and helping others better their lives by improving their sight. The employees also travel to other nations and donate their time, talent and materials to help thousands of people. They know they make a difference.
Foresight meshes vision and strategy. Vision locates the compelling beacon on the horizon of opportunities. Strategy spots the best routes, the road hazards, detours and shortcuts to that beacon.
Poor leaders clog the airwaves with dozens of messages. Visionary leaders broadcast the few key messages that focus energy.
The vision must connect everyone so that they learn to depend on one another to fulfill the vision.

Source: Ronald Crossland, writing in Executive Excellence, P.O. Box 50360, Provo, UT 84604