January 1999 Web Brief
Learning to be Successful

Quote of the month: "The only constant is change; learn to embrace it!" Malcolm W. Graham

Working With Strategists
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You may have some "strategists" among your employees. You can recognize them by the following rules:

  • They relish ideas, prefer planning for the future, are analytical but imaginative and like to explore every possibility.
  • They dislike rules for the sake of rules. And they’re the first to question any activity that they see as impeding progress.
  • They’ll work tirelessly for change that will improve the organization. But their need for perfection often makes them intolerant of anything less, especially of those they see as not working up to their poential.

To get the full benefit of these types:

  • Satisfy their need for autonomy by letting them set their own schedules, telecommute or choose their assignments.
  • Fill their never-ending desire to learn by paying for their professional memberships, subscriptions to publications and training or college courses of their choice. And if you can, let them attend these courses during working hours.
  • Cater to their thirst for authority and responsibility by placing them on a high-level task force with top managers.

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