October 1999 Web Brief
Learning to be Successful

Quote of the month: "Desire creates power" Raymond Holliwell

Manage Stress Creatively
Source: Communication Briefings ideas that work

Try these ways to begin reducing stress at your workplace:

  • Mark off significant progress on large projects with celebrations. Example: Throw a pizza party for completing the first part of an audit.
  • Post a blank sheet of paper with a heading such as "Favorite Movie" or "Favorite Book" in a central location and let employees fill out the list. They’ll learn more about one another and have fun in the process. This generates a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Surprise employees sporadically with a special treat, and make sure they’re not expecting it. Examples: Let everyone go home a half hour early or take an extra half hour at lunch.
  • Use a dart board to offer bonuses. Example: For every hour of overtime, the employee gets one throw. Instead of numbers, the dart board is marked with prizes such as a 15-minute break or a free linch.

Source: Cecilia Macdonald writing in Credit Union Management, 410 Enterprise Lane, Ste. 300, Madison, WI 53719