November 1999 Web Brief
Learning to be Successful

Quote of the month: "Success is the maximum utilization of the ability that you have" Zig Ziglar

Help the Boss Remember You
Source: Communication Briefings ideas that work

Your boss may be so busy that he or she doesn’t notice your accomplishments, and that can hurt you at review time. To help your boss remember:

  • Quiz the boss regularly about your performance. How often depends on your situation. It might be twice a day, weekly or every few weeks. Seek specifics. Examples: "What did I do on this project that you’d like me to repeat next time?" "Do you think I should have done anything differently?"
  • Press for as much feedback as you can get if the boss tells you that you should have handled a situation differently. And use the opportunity to ask questions that relate to your overall development. Examples: "What skills do you think I need to work on so I can handle more responsibility down the line?" "What’s the best approach for getting those skills?"
  • Offer to write a draft of your performance review. Make clear that you’ll list your successes, shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses. If the boss accepts your offer, and agrees with your review, it means you’ve been communicating well. If the boss doesn’t agree, it means you should ask for more feedback. And the boss may need more reminders of your successes.

Source: Getting Results...For the Hands-On Manager, 1601 Broadway, New York, NY 10019