February 1999 Web Brief
Learning to be Successful

Quote of the month: "There is no achievement without goals" Robert J. Mckain

Use Criticism to Set Goals
Source: Communication Briefings ideas that work

Employ this five-step plan when someone criticizes you and you decide the criticism has some good points:

  • Write a goal for each behavior you want to improve and describe the changes you plan. Example: "My goal is to increase my sales by 10%. To do that, Iíll call five more prospects each day and visit 15 more each week."
  • Test each goal for clarity with this question: "Could someone else read this goal and understand the changes Iíve described?"
  • Describe the steps youíll take to reach a goal. And divide each step into specific actions needed to complete each step.
  • Schedule a starting time for each step leading to a goal and a date by which youíll reach that goal.
  • Devise a method for evaluating your success in reaching your goals.
    Note: Consider using others in your efforts for two reasons: you may need help to carry out your plan; and it tells everyone you contact, and your critic, that youíre committed to change.

Source: Joe Folkman, Executive Excellence, PO Box 50360, Provo, UT 84604