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by Malcolm Graham

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Preparing Instructional Objectives
Robert Mager
In order to acquire specific skills and knowledge, the required performance, conditions, and criterion of acceptable user performance must be identified. This is achieved by the use of behavioral objectives. A behavioral objective is a description of a performance you want users to be able to demonstrate before you consider them competent. This book is a self-paced course on preparing objectives for testing the effectiveness of training course or procedural instructions. Also see How to Write a Book Book, Troubleshooting the Troubleshooting Course, and The Mager Six-pack (which includes Preparing Instructional Objectives, Measuring Instructional Results, Analyzing Performance Problems, Goal Analysis, How to Turn Learners On...without turning them off, and Making Instruction Work)
Designing Web Usability
Jakob Nielsen
Presents guidelines for designing easy-to-use web sites. The main topics include web usability, page design, content design, site design, intranet design, accessibility, serving a global audience, future predictions, and keeping things simple. For anyone associated with designing web sites I consider this book essential reading. Also see Usability Engineering and Jakob Nielsen's web sites and Writing for the Web
Gene Dalton and Paul Thompson
Want to know how to successfully develop a career within an organization? This is an excellent book to help you do so. Good for both managers and staff. Also see Turning Feedback into Change and the Novations Group Home Page
The Effective Executive
Peter Drucker
This was the first management book I read, one of the thinnest, and one of the most helpful! Before reading any other management book, Iíd recommend you read any of Druckerís books first. Also see Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Managing for the Future, Managing in a Time of Great Change, The Practice of Management, Managing for Results, and the Drucker Home Page
The Human Side of Management
George Odiorne
Do you need help in managing people? If so, buy, read, and apply the ideas in this book. Also see Strategic Management of Human Resources and How Managers Make Things Happen
The Fifth Discipline
Peter Senge
Two of my favorite phrases are "The only constant is change; learn to embrace it" and "the only sustainable competitive advantage is how quickly people can adapt to change." This book, along with its companion volume The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, provide tools that can help your organization adapt and survive in todayís volatile business environment
Principle-centred Leadership
Stephen Covey
One of the major weaknesses in businesses today is the lack of leadership, this book presents personal empowerment principles that can be used to build people and the organizations that they work in. Also see The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families
Designing and Writing Online Documentation
William Horton
I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs to design and write information for presentation online. Also see Illustrating Computer Documentation, The Icon Book, The Web Page Design Cookbook, Designing Web-based Training, and the Horton Home Page
Standards for Online Communication
JoAnn Hackos and Dawn Stevens
This book presents guidelines that will help you design effective information development processes, documents, and online publishing strategies for the internet and corporate intranets. Also see Managing Your Documentation Projects and User and Task Analysis for Interface Design
Dynamics in Document Design
Karen Schriver
This book will help you design and write documents that will be more effective in communicating information to readers
Human Factors for Technical Communicators
Marlana Coe
Learn human factors basics and apply what youíve learned to the design and presentation of both printed and online information
The Visual Display of Quantitative Information
Edward Tufte
How do you present numerical data in a way that makes it both informative and interesting to look at? This is a question that Iíve asked myself many times during my 18 years as a technical communicator. Youíll find the answers in this book. Also see Envisioning Information and Visual Explanations
How to Write Winning Proposals for Your Company or Client
Ron Tepper
Presents guidelines on how to write and present proposals that sell. If you need to write and present a proposal, this book presents guidelines based on the experience of 19 actual proposal writers. Also see The 10 Hottest Consulting Practices, Become a Top Consultant, and The Consultantís Proposal, Fee, and Contract Problem-Solver