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You can set up your own online book business and be part of the WriteDoc Affiliate Network.

Online Book Business

We are currently setting up this opportunity and it will be available in June 2006, if enough people indicate an interest. More details will be added soon. If you are interested, contact me.

WriteDoc Affiliate Network

Meanwhile, you can register to be part of our affiliate network. Registration is free and you earn 20% of every completed order. All you do is refer potential customers to the WriteDoc Bookstore. To register, follow these instructions:
  1. Sign up for a free ClickBank account to track your sales and receive payment cheques.
  2. Put a link from your site to the WriteDoc Bookstore, use the following code
    (if your ClickBank nickname is bonnie, the link at your site would be
  3. Promote the link at your site and start earning money. You are done!
Note: If you want to use an image, right click on Click to go to WriteDoc Bookstore and select Save Image As...