Helping Your Child Learn Responsible Behavior

Gifts From the Heart

Have your child give a gift of themselves at the next holiday or any time they want to do something nice for someone else.

What youíll need

What To Do

  1. Talk to your child about gift giving. What does it mean to give something to someone else?
  2. Instead of buying a gift, have your child make a gift. Does your child have a special talent? Maybe your child would like to sing or write a song for a relative? Is there a chore your child could do? Maybe wash the dishes for a week. Is there a special toy that could be loaned to a sister or brother for a week?
  3. Use materials from around the house so that little, if any, money is spent.
  4. If the gift is an activity or chore, have your child make a card with a note on it, telling what the gift will be.
  5. Have your child use imagination in making an inviting package. Perhaps your child could paint a small rock and wrap it in a big box. Or make an envelope out of the comics from the Sunday newspaper.

Most young children donít have money to buy a gift for a friend or relative. You can teach your child that a gift that shows effort and attention can mean more than a gift from the store.