Helping Your Child Get Ready for School

1 to 2 Year Activities

Moving On

Toddlers love to explore spaces and climb over, through, and into things.

What you'll need

What to do

  1. Pillow jump. Give your toddler some pillows to jump into. Toddlers usually figure out how to do this one on their own!
  2. Box car. Give your toddler a large box to push around the room. He may want to take his stuffed animal or toy for a ride in it. If the box isn't too high--you'll most likely find your toddler in there, too!
  3. Basketball. Sit about 3 feet away from your toddler and hold out a large plastic laundry basket. Let him try throwing a ball into the basket.
  4. Table tent. Cover a table with a sheet that's big enough to reach the ground on all sides. This makes a great playhouse that's particularly good for a rainy day. Watch out for bumped heads!
  5. Jingle bells. Sew bells onto elastic that will fit comfortably around your child's ankles. Then watch (and listen to) the fun while he moves about or jumps up and down.

These skills help children gain control over their large muscles. They also help children learn important concepts such as up, down, inside, outside, over, and under.