Helping Your Child Succeed in School


Listen Up

This game helps teach how to listen carefully and follow directions, two things that are important in school.

What you'll need

Any small object you can hide Objects that make noise

What to do
  1. Hide a small object. Give directions to find it such as, "Take five steps ahead. Turn right. Keep the lamp to your left. Bend down and look to the right." Take turns doing this.
  2. All but one person close their eyes. The person with his or her eyes open makes a sound (such as keys jangling, hands clapping, a bell ringing, a spoon tapping against a glass). Everyone else tries to guess what is making the sound.
  3. Clap your hands to tap out a rhythm. Have another player listen and then clap that same rhythm back to you. Do it different ways: slow, fast, loud, soft. Make the rhythms harder as it gets easier to repeat them.
  4. When taking a walk, or any place where you can stop for a few minutes, sit quietly for 30 seconds with your eyes closed, then tell each other what you heard: a baby crying, an airplane, a bird singing.
  5. Take a walk. One of you tell the other person what to do--cross the street, turn left, look down. Take turns following each other's directions.

Through practice, children can learn to listen carefully, see and hear details, and follow directions.