Webbed Documents

Creating Acrobat PDF Files

  1. Save each source file to disk as an individual PostScript file.
  2. Process each PostScript file using Acrobat Distiller to create individual PDF files.
  3. Combine each individual PDF file to create a single PDF file for the complete document.
  4. Add bookmarks and hypertext links between chapters within the document.
  5. Save the PDF file to the appropriate folder on your Web server.

Note: On average, final PDF file sizes were half the size of the original source files.

Setting Up a Web Server on a Macintosh Computer

  1. Determine the Ethernet IP intranet address on the Macintosh where the Web server was to be located. The IP address is used as the URL of the Web server.
  2. Install the MacHTTP software in the WWW folder.
  3. Replace the contents of the default.html file (within the WWW folder) with the contents of the entry-level home page HTML file.
  4. Place an alias to the MacHTTP software within the Startup items folder in the Macintosh System Folder. This ensures that the MacHTTP server software is automatically started whenever the Macintosh is restarted.
  5. Start the MacHTTP software.