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Branch Mall
Branch Information Services provides more browsing than real shopping, but you get the idea of what online shopping is all about.
How to do business on the Internet, with links to a wide variety of business-related sites.
All you need to know about the potential benefits and pitfalls of electronic cash online.
Entrepreneurs on the Web
Still in its infancy, this site for small businesses is already a good resource for up-and-coming entrepreneurs.
FREE Email!
Free lifetime personalized Email address.
Internet Business Center
Designed for anyone interested in trying to do business on the Internet. Youíll also find useful information on Internet users.
The Internet Plaza
More shopping, with many links still under construction. Some let you place orders online.
Internet Shopping Network
You have to sign up (no charge) to become a member of ISN.
The Legal Information Institute
Where to go if you have any questions about business and the law.
This site provides stock quotes and international financial news and information.
Trade Law
Still under construction, but already there are great international links for trade information.
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
You canít search patents online yet, but this intellectual property site has plenty of information about copyrights and patents.