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Adobe WWW Server
We use the Adobe Acrobat, FrameMaker, Illustrator, and PhotoShop products.
Aladdin Systems WWW Server
On our Macs, we use Stuffit extensively to compress files.
Apple Computer Inc.
Provides product information, support policies, technical white papers, and research documents.
Original home of the World-Wide Web. Check in for the latest information about the Web.
Compaq Computer Corp.
Compaqís page has amazing graphics and is one of the best-looking Web sites.
David Singerís OS/2 page of pointers
Excellent starting point for OS/2 users.
Digital Equipment Corp.
Provides information on Digitalís product lines.
Dell Computer Corp.
Provides information and pricing on Dell products..
FrameMaker Information
We think that FrameMaker offers the best combination of features for producing technical documents.
Global Village Home Page
We use a PowerPort modem within our Powerbook.
Hewlett-Packard Co.
One-stop directory of all of HPís product lines.
IBM Corp.
We own an IBM Aptiva. Provides links to other IBM locations around the world, as well as Advantis, IBMís Internet provider.
IBM Personal Software Co.
Good source of late-breaking information about OS/2.
Intel Corp.
Provides information on all Intelís products, from ProShare to the P6.
Lotus Development Corp.
This is a test site for the InterNotes Web Server, which connects Lotus Notes to the Web. Cutting-edge technology is on display.
MacHTTP Server Software
We found setting up a basic WWW server using MacHTTP very simple. For excellent information on creating and maintaining Mac-based web servers, click here.
Microsoft Corp.
Microsoftís web home page. Includes product information, including the latest on Windows 95 and even some job listings.
Home web site of the Mosaic browser. A good page for late-breaking Web news.
NetCom On-Line Communication Services
Home web site of the NetCruiser browser.
Netscape Communications Corp.
We use the Netscape web browser on our Macs and IBM; we think itís still the best browser available (although we prefer version 3 over version 4).
Performance Systems International Inc.
PSI is the largest provider of Internet services.
Silicon Graphics Inc.
Includes some great graphics. However, the screens take a long time to download.
Spry Inc.
Home web site for Internet-in-a-Box and Mosaic-in-a-Box.
Sun Microsystems Inc.
Provides product information and links to Sun Sites and Sun-sponsored Web servers at several universities.
Taligent Inc.
Provides a good example of how to present information on complex products.
WinZip Home Page
Essential site for Windows users who transfer compressed files.
Ziff-Davis Magazines
Provides access to MacWEEK, PC Week, MacUser, PC Magazine, Internet User, and other computer publications.