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This virtual gallery is a University of Illinois-sponsored forum for the presentation of art exhibits.
The Cisco Educational Archive
Provides a collection of jumps to home pages that will appeal to students in the K-12 range.
City Lights Publishers and Booksellers
Browse the shelves of San Franciscoís funkiest bookstore, the home of Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, and other Beat poets.
These pages present guides to several major American cities. The information varies in quality and depth.
Games Domain
Provides a one-stop location for information about and links to computer games as Games Domain well as online Internet role-playing games.
Wired magazineís online equivalent is a great Web implementation that gives a taste of what to expect from online magazines in the future.
Interesting Places for Kids
If you have school-age kids, take advantage of this list of links to hundreds of fun places to explore.
Internet Movie Database Browser
Currently the best online database of films you can find on the Web.
Internet Underground Music Archive
Independent band songs, photos, and information.
A good example of a home page that mixes marketing, fun, and fanaticism. Itís all the latest Lego news thatís fit to download.
Mercury Center Web
The Mercury News site is one of the first online versions of a newspaper.
MIT Science Fiction Library
Science fiction fans will appreciate this searchable online card catalog.
The Nine Planets
Provides a dazzling multimedia tour of our solar system, complete with lots of color photos.
Time Magazine
Cool graphical menus take you through Time magazine online and to other Time Inc. publications.
Ultimate Band List
Excellent A-Z resource for quickly finding information about your favorite musicians.
Ultimate TV List
Turn off the TV, turn on the PC, and explore links to home pages for hundreds of TV shows both current and classic.
Warner Bros. Records
One of the best record-company home pages.
Web Museum
This is one ofthe best current examples of displaying artwork online. Great graphics of the Louvre collection are available for those with the patience to download them. Donít even attempt to download via modem without a 28.8.
World-Wide Web of Sports
This is one of the most complete one-stop sports pages, and there are links to take you all over the sports world.