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Are you concerned about the security of the information you are sending to others across the Internet? You should be! Most financial transactions are typically secured by use of a secure connection between your browser and a server. What security do you have for non-financial information? What about your email? Secure the content of all your information by obtaining a free Thawte Freemail Web of Trust personal certificate.

By default, Thawte Freemail Web of Trust personal certificates contain your email address and "Thawte Freemail Member". To add your name to your Thawte FreeMail certificates or to become a Web of Trust Notary your identity must be verified to Thawte. This is usually initiated by the presentation of your personal identification documents (for example, your passport, drivers license, and SIN card) at a face-to-face meeting with an existing Thawte Web of Trust Notary. Each Notary can give you up to 35 points; you need at least 50 points to add your name to your certificates and 100 points to become a Web of Trust Notary. This means that you have to meet with at least two or three Web of Trust Notaries.

What can a personal certificate be used for?

A Thawte Freemail Web of Trust personal certificate uses X.509 format encrypted data to authenticate yourself during online Web sessions or to digitally sign and encrypt your email. For information on using personal certificates, see Thawte Software Support for Personal Certificates.

Verifying your identity

  1. Obtain your own Thawte Personal Email Certificate
  2. Review the Thawte Web of Trust information
  3. Read the Web of Trust rules
  4. Contact Malcolm Graham and bring the following to a face-to-face meeting:
  5. Malcolm will make an online assertion of your identity to Thawte after a review of your identification documents and payment of $20.00. Alternatively, he can complete the Thawte Web of Trust Form and you can mail it directly to Thawte.

Note: For other Web of Trust Notaries in the Ottawa area that can give you 35 points, contact Michel Richard Coutu, Rick Escher, Ronald Weiss, Jill Carleton, or Jack Sinclair